Where To Find A Job That Pays $50k A Year?

Many people want to find a job that pays $50K a year or more, and one of the most effective ways is to find job openings via online platforms.

You can find job boards that are posting hundreds if not thousands of vacancies every day.

And if you have some desired company in mind, just visit that company’s website to find any vacancies or check out social media platforms.

This article will help you in discovering which companies pay their workers $50K per or more.

Regardless of what education level you enjoyed, just use this article to guide you through the process of finding a rewarding job that will let you bring home $50K annually or more.

Now $50k may sound like a lot of money, and of course it is, but there are regions in the US where it may be pretty challenging to get by on a 50k budget; just check out the following video on how to live on a fifty thousand dollar budget:

Job boards

To help you with your job hunting process, there’s a wide range available of free-to-use online job boards. These boards are updated on a daily basis, and they will show job vacancies at numerous companies and corporations.

There are also boards that will guide you through or even completely handle the application process, which allows you to fire off several applications quite simply. Active and highly functional boards include ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, or Indeed.

Company websites

Most companies, regardless of whether they’re small businesses or large corporations, use their websites for advertising job vacancies. That’s why in case you would love to work at a specific company; you should regularly check out their website for job openings. That’s also the place for information on the application process. Career information and job openings can usually be found in their websites’ “Work with Us” or “Careers” sections.

Social media

Today, posting job openings and career perspectives on various social media has become very popular, and millennials, in particular, understand perfectly well how to use social media and how companies hire the best talent. Sometimes, companies will advertise their job openings on popular pages simply to attract larger target audiences. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just a few of the highly popular social media platforms for these activities.

How hard can it be to find a 50k job?

Contrary to what a lot of people think, finding a job that will let you rake in $50k a year is quite easy. It isn’t that hard at all to work as a tradesperson or find a full-time office position. And you may also not have to work a full 40-hour workweek if you start your part-time online career and secure $50k annually!

There are even lots of jobs out there that pay more than $50k a year, and you can also choose to work your way up in your favorite career field or company, starting at an entry-level position.

There are also quite a few jobs that will allow you to earn $100 an hour or more. Just learn all about the educational requirements and/or experience and then work hard to meet these requirements. Online courses will help you reach your goals, and you’ll see that it’s not that hard at all to earn decent pay and a comfortable lifestyle.

If you miss out on academic credentials and/or certifications, just realize what fields you’re well-skilled at, so you can use that to your advantage. In case you need to acquire some skills, sign up for some training program and check out also this post on spiritual wisdom and career change that has some really good tips for you.

If, for example, the position required advanced computer programming skills, sign up for a good coding Bootcamp, and you’ll see that, with a specific skill set, your dreams may become a reality.

Which companies pay workers 50k per year?

Despite the fact that the minimum wage in many states is considerably less, there are quite a few U.S. companies that pay some of their employees up to $50k per year or even more. If you want to work in basic industries, you won’t have any trouble finding a job that pays that kind of salary, but there are more options. Let’s take a look at some of these companies.

  • eBay – eBay is truly a fantastic company to work for, but you’ll have to understand how e-commerce functions. On average, eBay employees make more than $125k annually, and even a job as a customer service supervisor will lead to a yearly salary of, on average, $57k.
  • Bank of America – This multinational investment giant has over 4,600 branches all across the world. The company has numerous positions that pay $50k per year or more. Even the job of operations analyst at Bank of America, for example, lets you earn around $48k annually.
  • Best Buy – Well, the fact of the matter is that this consumer electronics giant pays its employees only $14 an hour on average. But you still can make $50k a year at Best Buy when you join the company’s team of sales representatives or if you become one of their accountants.
  • Starbucks Corporation – Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse chain, provides services in the fields of coffee and roastery. Customer service supervisors, administrative managers, or communications specialists at Starbucks can, on average, net $50k per year.
  • Target – Target is one of America’s largest retail stores. The company sells clothing, groceries, electronics, and essentials both in stores and online. At Target, the median wage of the company’s employees is just over $50k per year. You won’t be making this salary as a cashier, but if you manage to make it up to the position of, for example, Senior Team Leader, you will definitely reach this point.
  • The Home Depot – The Home Depot is one of America’s largest home improvement retail companies. They supply construction products, tools, and many other services. Though the average hourly salary at The Home Depot is only $13, senior retail, buying, or management positions at the company will allow you to earn more than $50k per year.
  • Lowe’s – Lowe’s is another giant home improvement retailer that operates stores all across America and Canada. At Lowe’s, employees earn $14 per hour on average, but retail sales managers and workers in the company’s accountancy department can easily bag $50k per year so if you would go for a position here, check out this post on steps to open doors to your dream job.
  • Menards – Menards is also a home improvement retailer in the U.S. The story is similar to The Home Depot’s and Lowe’s, but at Menards, the average annual income of employees is $49k. Those Menards workers that bring in more than $50k per year include inventory analysts and Java developers.
  • Harbor Freight Tools – Harbor Freight Tool is a private company that provides equipment and tool retail services across the United States. The company additionally operates a mail order service, e-commerce businesses, and a chain of retail stores that operate nationwide. At Harbor Freight Tools, the average annual salary is over $50k, but most of the company’s managers and data analysts make over $64k.
  • Walmart – Walmart is among America’s largest corporations, and the retailer operates hypermarkets, grocery stores, and discount department stores all across the nation. Though at Walmart, the average earnings are $13 an hour, accountants and personnel managers at the retail giant take home $50k per year or more.


What are the highest-paying jobs without a college degree?
There are several high-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree. You can become a police officer, firefighter, plumber, electrician, customer service representative, or flight attendant without holding a college degree, and these are just some of your options!

How can I earn 50k per year?
There are several professional options, such as becoming a plumber, electrician, or firefighter, and there are also many jobs that nobody wants that pay rather high salaries. It’s not that hard to make $50k per year.

If you work as a freelance writer, proofreader, or editor, you should be able to make that sort of income easily. Just start out with your own blog, get experienced, and work your way up. You may also become a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or bookkeeping specialist.

How much is 50k annually per hour?
Making $50k per year translates to around $24 an hour.

What are the top 5 jobs that earn 50k?
The top five positions that allow you to make 50k or more per year are statistician, information security analyst, software developer, video and film editor, and nurse practitioner. All these professional fields come with annual salaries of at least 50k and the job perspectives are excellent.