What Jobs Pay $100 An Hour?

Many people are interested in finding a job that pays more. Well, the fact of the matter is that it might be quite challenging to come by a job that pays $100 per hour or more.

In the US, the median hourly wage is around $16.50 per hour, so you’ll understand that getting a job that pays $100 or more on an hourly basis might be difficult. Usually, this type of job requires lots of experience and extensive training.

Commonly, to gain this sort of salary, you must be a CEO of a company or a doctor or manage the assets and money of other people. But keep in mind that this sort of career path takes a lot of hard work. To secure this type of position, you’ll need to hold, for example, a law degree, an MBA, or a medical degree.

Generally, receiving this sort of salary requires extensive education, lots of hours of working, training, and learning. There are, however, quite a few other career paths that don’t require you to get extensive education or training, but that still allow you to make $100 per hour or more.

So, while earning $100 an hour or more seems like an impossible dream to many, the reality is that for many folks, it has become a dream come true.

It used to be that making $100 per hour or more was only feasible for highly skilled positions and generally required a Master’s or Ph.D. degree, while other positions with that sort of pay required you to travel a lot and be away from your home and family all of the time.

And even for people who are not the freelancing type or who don’t like side hustling, there are so many jobs out there that will pay this sort of earnings as well.

The 20 best jobs that pay 100 dollars or more per hour

Since we are now able to make money online, however, there are so many new ways to earn $100 per hour or even more, and especially millennials know how to use these options best.

If you want to learn more about newer and more traditional career paths that pay well, keep reading while we give you more information about the 20 best positions that allow you to earn $100 or more per hour.

  • Life Coach – Life coaches help people to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment in their lives. Life coaches help to clarify and set goals, identify barriers and obstructions, and develop the best strategies to overcome those obstructions and barriers. Life coaches help their clients to improve their careers,  relationships, and everyday lives. Life coaches work with clients to fully understand their wishes and needs, and they will support and guide them as they are working toward more fulfilling and meaningful lives.
  • Freelance Photographer – Freelance photographers get the right images on photographs. They work toward the final products for photo captures or post-production editing, digital photo distribution, and so much more. People with a passion for photography should easily be able to make $100 or more per hour. Working as a freelance photographer allows you to work with lots of different clients and on many different occasions. This type of job will require you to work on your portfolio to get started. Working as a photographer will have you bring in at least 50k a year, quite an achievement, wouldn’t you think?
  • Political Speechwriter – Often, a political speechwriter is an anonymous ghostwriter that’s responsible for the professional (and sometimes gorgeous) speech delivered by politicians. Political speechwriters are usually responsible for writing texts while keeping a specific tone in mind. They are responsible for ensuring that politicians say exactly what they have to say. To become a political speechwriter, you usually will have to earn a degree in any relevant area, get involved in politics, make the proper connections, produce interesting texts, and apply for an entry-level job.
  • Tattoo Artist – Tattoo artists sketch and create new tattoo designs. They advise their clients and make reservations. They are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing their tattoo machines and are required to keep up with the latest tattoo developments and trends as well as the current safety and health practices. Tattoo artists create permanent words or images on skin. They inject ink under the skin with small needles. Tattooing is actually among the oldest forms of art we know.
  • Massage Therapist – Massage therapists manipulate their clients’ soft tissue while ensuring a relaxing and safe experience. A massage therapist must be able to recognize a client’s needs through body language, spoken language, or other clues or symptoms. Consequently, massage therapists are responsible for the treatment of their clients accordingly. Making $100 per hour translates to a very good annual income; just do the math: 52 weeks times 40 hours!
  • Interior Designer – It is an interior designer’s job to make interiors beautiful, functional, and safe for all sorts of buildings. Interior designers determine the requirements of spaces and choose decorative elements and functionalities such as materials, colors, and lighting. An interior designer’s clients may range from large corporations to homeowners, and the spaces they bear responsibility for are equally varied.
  • Freelance Writer – becoming a freelance writer is actually a great way to set your own schedule and determine your own pay rate. True, it may take some time to build up a great portfolio and earn decent money, but as a freelance writer, you will have a very high earning ceiling since you can become an expert in a specific niche. Usually, freelance writers get paid per word, but there are also writers who get a flat rate for their articles.
  • Blogger – Though it may take some time for a blogger to make $100 or more an hour, there are more and more people that run their own blogs and monetize that in a great way to earn $100 or even more an hour for their time. So note that, usually, it will take a lot of dedication and hard work to get to that point, but if you generate enough traffic to monetize your blog properly, you may get there. Today, there are so many monetization options, including running ads through companies like Mediavine or Monumetric, affiliate marketing, selling sponsored posts, your own products, or coaching courses.
  • Online Coach – People who have valuable experience and knowledge and a strong passion for teaching others may be perfectly fit for working as online coaches. Usually, blogging is a great way to sell online coaching since you’ve already built up an audience that seeks your advice. But there’s more. You can also make money through online coaching using your Instagram following or YouTube channel, or any other social media online platform.
  • Data Scientist – Data scientists, to put it simply, analyze and interpret trends in data sets, and they will produce actionable plans in line with and based on those data and trends. If you want to become a data scientist, you’ll need lots of specialized training and education, specifically in math, statistics, computer science, and/or engineering. Data scientists usually have a well-rounded love for statistics, numbers, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Specializing in a particular niche will help increase the hourly earnings even more, and you may also want to learn more about the highest-paying job in basic industries. You may get challenged to land a secure job in these fields.
  • Software Developer – Software developers design, build and troubleshoot all sorts of software. Usually, a software developer has well-rounded math and computer programming skills and is a detail-focused problem-solver. These days, software developers, just like data scientists, are highly sought after, and high-paying positions are easy to find. Software developers may work for organizations or work as freelancers on their own time, an option that usually comes with higher pay. This job doesn’t pay $100 or more per hour by default, but for the top-talented ones, making this kind of money is definitely within reach.
  • Web Developer – Web developers are professionals that specialize in developing and building websites for a variety of clients such as small business owners, large corporations, or bloggers. Web developers must build user-friendly websites and plan and implement everything from site navigation, checkout functions, or built-in pop-up messages. There are web developers that have specialized in SEO and develop websites for clients that want search engine optimization and speed. Also here counts that if you just aim for mediocre, you’ll never get to excellence! And that counts everywhere, at all times!
  • Commercial Pilot – Commercial pilots not only fly planes. They are also responsible for producing and calculating flight plans while taking into account elements such as aircraft performance, fuel, altitude, and weather. It is also a commercial pilot’s duty to conduct several pre-flight checks, communicate and collaborate with the flight crew, and ensure that the rules of the aircraft and aviation, in general, are adhered to.
  • Underwater Welder – Underwater welders maintain and repair offshore structures, ships, pipelines, dams, locks, submarines, or nuclear reactors, just to name a few. The common technologies used today include positive pressure welding and wet hyperbaric welding. A career as an underwater welder is rewarding but definitely not for everyone. Total commitment, extensive travel, long hours, superior work ethics, and a great attitude are demanded, and not everyone is fit for this mentally and physically challenging career path. If you are, however, the rewards will be fine.
  • Anesthesiologist – During surgery, anesthesiologists provide the patient’s continual medical assessment. They control and monitor the patient’s vital functions such as breathing, heart rhythm and rate, body temperature, blood pressure, body fluid balance, and more. There’s the general misconception that anesthesiologists are the doctors that put the patients to sleep prior to surgery. Well, this is true, but it’s only a small part of the job. Anesthesiologists are responsible for all sorts of care-related elements before, during, and after the surgical process.
  • Interpreter – It is the task of interpreters to convert speech from one language to a different one, and this may include sign language. There are two main interpretation methods, simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Simultaneous interpretation takes place when the speaker talks, so at the same time. Usually, this is the case at major conferences. Consecutive interpretation takes place after the speaker pauses, often after one or more sentences at a time.
  • Orthodontist – Orthodontists are dentists trained and educated to diagnose, treat, and prevent jaw and teeth irregularities. They improve and/or correct existing conditions and identify issues that may occur in the future. The main difference between a dentist and an orthodontist is that orthodontists cannot provide general dentistry services but focus on straightening teeth and fixing issues with bite and/or occlusion, and aligning teeth.
  • Psychiatrist – Psychiatrists are medical doctors (MDs or DOs) that specialize in mental health issues, including substance abuse disorders. Psychiatrists can assess both the physical and mental aspects of psychological issues. There are numerous reasons why people seek the help of a psychiatrist. Although there are many overlaps professionally, psychiatrists differ from psychologists as they have received medical training, which allows them to perform different medical procedures and prescribe medications. Psychologists mainly provide nonmedical support and counseling.
  • Consultant – Generally, consultants are hired for helping businesses deal with certain problems or for helping educate staff on specific subjects. The work of a consultant may cover many roles or industries, including business development, accountancy, data, legal, human resources, public relations, packaging, security, or sales. If a business brings in, for example, an IT, security, or HR consultant, it usually doesn’t come cheap! To be a successful consultant, however, you’ll need significant relevant industry experience and a very extensive professional network.
  • Sales Job – Another way of making $100 an hour or more is getting paid through commission bonuses. It goes without saying that there’s no guarantee that you’ll make $100 an hour, but there are top-notch sales representatives that are making excellent earnings through commissions. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be selling houses, cars, or B2B software; being a good salesperson can be highly lucrative. A great plus is that the job doesn’t require you to have some formal education. Usually, you’ll get training on the job on the services or products you’re selling. Don’t forget that there are also many rather dirty jobs out there that nobody wants to do but still let you make a high salary. You’ll be amazed!