Spiritual Wisdom And Career Change

Spirituality is about the alignment of the human will and mind. It is the life dimension and the universe that is one of harmony and order.

It can play a central role in the area of self-help movements edging the participant toward self-awareness and success in their chosen endeavor.

It can involve your psychic ability as well. Read on to learn more about how Spiritual Wisdom can lead to a rewarding career change.

Spirituality has to do with a sense of knowing. It is an important, multidimensional aspect of human nature and of the human spirit.

It is concerned with matters of the spirit. However, spirituality is such a wide term that it references many meanings. It is further, for many people, the conscious communing with the divine.

But most of all it is the quest for understanding and the true meaning of life. It is also the desire to transcend our current state of consciousness to knowing of a sense of purpose in life and connect with others while achieving one’s full potential.

However, in the end, the concept of spirituality is so complex that spirituality must be whatever it happens to mean to you, both personally and professionally.

There are a few ways that spirituality can lead you to a different and rewarding career. A career change may cause anxiety and uncertainties about the future for many job seekers; though if you work on your Positive Self Image (PSI), the effects will be only minor.

But if you are a spiritual person, you would be in touch with your higher self, and your thinking would be on a positive level, thereby creating a wonderful experience of changing careers and of looking forward to the new and unexplored aspects of the career change and a new professional field.

Career change

As an example, a career change for a person over fifty or so was once a very difficult task to undertake. If you are seeking a career change or want to be self-employed and are over 50 and still holding on to those old ideas instead of being spiritually aware of your vast potentialities, you would be in danger of harming yourself psychically and preventing yourself from making the career change out of fear, doubt, and outmoded information.

On the other hand, a spiritually connected ‘you’ would realize the wisdom and experience you have gleaned over the years and consider that an asset and would propel yourself into perhaps your greatest opportunity yet.

A spiritual person is a person of faith, hope, optimism, and intuition. You may want to explore some advanced degrees for your career growth, and in doing so, you may learn that faith is the ability to believe in something unseen or the ability to draw on spiritual resources without having physical proof.

Faith, although only a part of spirituality, is an essential component. Faith is the belief that some higher universal presence, for example, God for some people, will not abandon you or let you down, but there are more steps to open doors successfully and work toward a fulfilling career.

A spiritual person is not necessarily a religious person

If you believe that you are a spiritual person, you must also be a person of faith. Not necessarily a person of religious faith, but rather of faith in yourself, the unknown, and in what your future holds.

As a spiritual person, you will return to reading in elegance and ecology and know that, no matter what you pursue in life, the universal presence will not let you down.

You know that the universe will deliver to you your heart’s desire. Therefore, with this type of faith, you already know that you will make the transition into whatever you are pursuing. Aim for excellence! You could not expect that if you just aim for mediocre, right? And the spiritual ‘you’ will be guided by your intuition towards the different and rewarding career that you so desire.

In tune with your intuition

As mentioned earlier, the spiritual ‘you’ would also be in tune with your intuition. You could be headed in a particular direction and suddenly be led in another direction. Perhaps a powerful female mentor is what you need to guide you in the right direction.

Somewhere that you never planned to be that day, which could place you in a situation where you happen to run into a friend who knows of an opportunity that is available to you. If you are in tune with your intuition and you pay attention to it, often, it will lead you towards opportunity.

Being in tune with your dreams is another way that your spirituality could lead you to a different and rewarding career. But first, you’ll have to make the most of your job-searching activities. Sometimes our dreams are windows into our lives. We may dream of being someone entirely different than who we are in our waking lives.

We are often doing very different things in our dreams than we do in our waking lives. Many times we are more daring in our dreams as well. By paying close attention to your dreams and alternative education options, you could come up with the exact career that you feel you would be happiest in.

The role of colors

Few of us contemplate that colors are a part of our spirituality as well. Colors play a major role in our comfort zones unconsciously. You can actually be irritated by certain colors and invigorated by others.

Some colors may have a relaxing effect on us, and most of us are aware that the color red makes us aggressive. But have you ever stopped to think that colors at your place of employment have an effect on you as well?

Being aware of the colors that are at a company when you go on an interview is a very important spiritual concept that is overlooked by most, and make sure your resume is up to date and outstanding! When you interview and are taken to the area where you will be working, it is very important for you to be conscious of the colors in the room and of how the colors make you feel.

If you are a person who likes bright colors, and bright colors make you happy and cheerful, and you go on an interview where the colors have you feeling invigorated, that is a great indication that you will be happy with your position there and most likely be successful in your new and different career.

On the other hand, if you enter an office that is drab, dark, and appears that little money is being made there, head for the door.

Your salary negotiations will probably get you nowhere. Why even interview there if your initial feeling is one of drabness?