Slow-Paced Jobs

Many people are stressed out at their jobs. For them, it could be high time to change their profession and find something that’s better for their health.

Well, the fact of the matter is that when you love the work you do, chances are it won’t feel like work at all to you! The trick is to find a job that you’re passionate about, but that’s relaxing and slow-paced at the same time.

Work-related stress can easily lead to anxiety. And when you have anxiety, your work environment is a very important factor to take into account. In the following video, you will learn more about some great options for working in a slow-paced environment:

You don’t want to be surrounded by people who stress you out all day! If that’s the case, try to find a professional environment that has your interest and allows you to work at a slower pace.

It would be wise to reach out to folks that work in a field of your interest for more detailed information. That’ll help you get a better and clearer idea of what the job is all about and what you should do to get a more rewarding career.

Talking with folks in the field is always a good idea and will help you a lot! You’ll definitely get inside information that you can’t get anywhere else.

What jobs are slow-paced?

There are so many slow-paced jobs out there where the professional environment isn’t that intense or stressful. Sure, generally, these jobs come with targets and deadlines as well, but usually, there’s room for developing your spiritual wisdom and no need to deal with that “hustle” mindset that has become all too common these days.

When you look at the jobs listed on this page, you’ll see that usually, the workplace is far more relaxing than in most other professional settings, and you definitely will not feel the pressure to be highly productive.

At these jobs, your energy and time will be valued. You won’t notice a constant need to be productive or run at a ridiculous speed. Usually, your productivity level will be determined by the quality of the service you offer.

How about a low-stressed, slow-paced job?

In our contemporary world, where it seems that just about every job pushes your mental and physical capacity to the limit, it could well be that getting a low-stressed, slow-paced job is your best remedy. Keep in mind that there are also some very interesting, slow-paced jobs out there that don’t require a college degree. Maybe that will help you get ahead in a low-stressed environment as well.

On this page, we’ll look a little deeper into the 15 best low-stressed, slow-paced jobs around. As said before, if one professional setting catches your attention, try to speak with people from that field. Their experiences are valuable to you and will give you a better understanding of what to expect.

The 15 best slow-paced jobs

Proofreader – Proofreading is a very low-stressed activity. This may well be the perfect job for you. Proofreaders read through written pieces of text and are responsible for correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

To be successful, proofreaders must have a well-rounded knowledge of all things related to language in general, outstanding editing and grammar skills, and a keen and sharp eye for detail. Usually, proofreaders are working on a contract basis, meaning they can work as little or as much as they wish, which makes this field an excellent job option for people looking for some flexibility.

Nutritionist – For health nuts, working as a nutritionist could well be the perfect job. Nutritionists provide counseling and dietary advice to their clients. This includes, but is not limited to, setting up a balanced diet, supporting them in losing weight, or enhancing their overall health conditions.

To be successful, nutritionists must have a passion for helping other people and a very extensive knowledge of all things related to nutrition, food, and physical and mental balance.

Massage Therapist – To work as a massage therapist is actually among the least stressful jobs in the world. You will constantly be surrounded by relaxing scents and calming music, and you will bring peace to so many other people. Although you may see many people during your working day at a massage therapy clinic, it will be it’s rewarding seeing them all leave stress-free.

You can be confident that you are actually helping people: massage therapy is helping with both mental and physical conditions. This type of job will let you make at least 50k a year while still offering a relaxed, professional environment.

Librarian – Having a job as a librarian is really low-stressed and slow-paced. This professional field is perfect for people who like to help people find detailed information and who love to work with the public in general. Librarians (also referred to as Curators) are responsible for overseeing a library’s daily operations and making sure members can find what they want to explore or learn on certain topics.

Their tasks include updating library databases, designing educational programs for various age groups, and managing staff to deal with their daily tasks. Overall, we see that libraries provide a soothing, calm, slow-paced, and quiet environment.

Gardener – Gardeners will spend most of their time in the sun, and there are, not surprisingly, people that really enjoy that. If you like and take pride in landscaping, you might even start your own business in landscaping and thus get an even better income.

Gardeners work with plants, flower beds, and fertilizers, just to mention a few elements, and they are responsible for maintaining flowers, trees, bushes, trees, or shrubs. This is a rather active job, so it’s the perfect environment for people that want to stay active and enjoy being outdoors.

Greenhouse Manager – Gardeners may also work as greenhouse managers. This as well is a rather slow-paced job. As a greenhouse manager, you will be responsible for all daily operations at a nursery or greenhouse.

It depends on the business whether you’ll work with the general public or in a business-to-business setting, but one thing is for sure: you’ll always be working with plants, and you’ll spend each day growing vegetables, plants, or flowers. Greenhouses are generally used for food production or commercial plant purposes.

Professional Landscape Designer – This is one more professional field where you will spend lots of time outdoors. Professional Landscape designers are shaping the lands around businesses or people’s homes.

They create a beautiful and/or functional space for their clients to enjoy. Though not as low-stressed as earlier described professional options, it still is a relatively slow-paced option that appeals to so many people.

Another plus is that the jobs are slower-paced than in most other types of professional fields. On the other hand, if you don’t mind working in dirty or dangerous environments, do a job that nobody really wants, but bring home some pretty decent money, check out the linked page to learn more though most of the options can get stressful.

Medical Records Technician – Working as a medical record technician might be a great option for people that are stressed out in their current jobs in the medical field. If you want to keep on working in the medical sector but are not necessarily looking to work with patients, this job might be right.

You’ll be responsible for organizing and maintaining the medical records of patients. For success in this career path, you are required to have well-rounded organizational skills and be able to pay attention to detail. If that’s the case, this job will come with steady job perspectives and great pay.

Art Restorer – People who enjoy and love art may be interested in becoming art restorers. The professional setting is very quiet and slow-paced, and this makes it the perfect job for so many creative people.

Art restorers repair damage to works of art such as paintings, sculptures, murals, textiles, ceramics, books, paper works, and other historical artifacts or cultural objects. Although the earnings aren’t quite as good as some other job options on this list, working as an art restorer is an interesting and enjoyable option.

Yoga Instructor – Yoga instructors work in a highly relaxing and slow-paced setting. Yoga is one of the most stress-free activities to be found. Yoga instructors teach their students how to get rid of stress and support them in strengthening their bodies. Yoga instructors are wellness and fitness professionals who usually lead yoga group classes.

They will teach their students how to best carry out stretching poses and how to practice meditation. In addition to overall wellbeing, they are promoting mindfulness. For people who are interested in helping other people with their health-related objectives and teaching them how to relieve stress, being a yoga instructor might be the perfect job option.

Hair Stylist or Barber – For people who love hair, becoming a hairstylist might be the dream solution. Many people in the hairstyling profession are very passionate about their jobs. You have the option to get training and certification through one of the many state-approved cosmetology programs available across the nation at numerous technical colleges.

In addition to haircuts and shampooing, hairstylists, or hairdressers, provide chemical hair treatments, coloring, and hairstyling. You have so many ways to become a hairstylist, and though the average salary is rather modest in general, you definitely can make a good income of $100 per hour or more if you love your job and your clients love you.

Researcher – Usually, researchers often work all by themselves for a large part of the day. Researchers work in all sorts of fields, from business or mental health to science or technology. So researchers can work in any field that interests them, and the truth of the matter is that it is among the most relatively slow-paced and low-stressed jobs out there.

If you want to get into research, you’ll need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the field that you want to research. To conduct research in more advanced fields, you probably will have to hold a master’s degree. This job is really low-stressed as long as you love your research field and the average salaries in this sector are quite acceptable.

Florist – Many people looking to work in a low-stressed and slow-paced environment like the job of a florist. If you like to work with your hands and love being around plants and flowers, this job may be a perfect option for you.

The job is relatively easy, but to be successful, you’ll need to have strong communication and customer service skills and, of course, you must be able to make beautiful, appealing flower arrangements.

Zoologist – If you have a passion for working with animals, becoming a zoologist might be perfect for you. The salary indications for this job are quite reasonable, and the position comes with little stress.

Zoologists, like wildlife biologists, are studying and researching animals and wildlife and how they are interacting with their ecosystems. Zoologists study animal behaviors, physical animal characteristics, and the impact of humans and human behavior on natural habitats and wildlife.

Food Technologist – For people who love food but don’t want to work in a high-stressed setting, working as a food technologist might be a great solution. As a food tech, you’ll be researching food and production techniques, and you’ll come up with ways to improve the food or the processes.

You’ll not only make food taste a lot better, but you’d also be making improvements regarding food presentation, the distribution system, or its shelf life. Food technologists are working hard, but in a low-stress environment, to make food better.

What Careers Aren’t Stressful?

Though there may be slight differences, the above-listed career fields shouldn’t come with too much stress for you. Most options don’t require emotional stress or lots of physical work.

The fact of the matter is that the above-listed career fields are not stressful, usually pay reasonably well, let you choose your working hours, and allow for working remotely.

If you have a job that constantly puts you in a stressful environment, your mental and physical health will suffer; that’s clear. So instead, look at the options listed above and consider switching to one of these options.