Practical Tips For Finding A Job

Today, with competition hot for fewer and fewer open positions, the pressure is on, and job seekers with flawless interview skills will definitely have the upper hand.

There is heightened competition for the available open positions in today’s troubled economy. So it is important for job applicants to put their best foot forward in a job interview.

Job seekers want to stand out, and for the right reasons! Sure, the job-seeking process can be pretty frustrating, but candidates should focus on their strong traits, stay positive, and be prepared to sell their skill sets the best they can.

Here are some tips to help you be successful at your job interview in this  highly-competitive job market:

  • Research, research, and research again – When you get into a job interview, be as knowledgeable as you can be about the company. When you know all about recent news and the role the company plays in the community. This will show the employer or the hiring manager that you want to be part of the organization and value their time. Just go online to collect all available background information. That’ll make you stand out!
  • Keep it professional; don’t get personal – Even when the job interview is set in a casual atmosphere, make sure business decorum won’t disappear. As said earlier, research the company thoroughly, so you know what questions to ask. Don’t discuss too many personal issues; instead, focus on selling yourself and the position at hand.
  • Stay positive – In these difficult times, many newly laid-off job seekers are going through tougher than usual experiences. But even if the process becomes frustrating, stay positive, whatever it takes. Keep also in mind that, regardless of how tempting it may be, saying negative things about a previous employer is out of the question. Hiring managers, recruiting agencies, and employers may get the idea that you might say similar things about their organization.
  • Practice makes perfect – Nervousness is all-around in an interview. So practice a lot, get optimally prepared for the job interview, and learn to stay calm. You best go through all sorts of common job interview questions with a family member or friend. Also helpful is practicing in front of a mirror so you’ll be able to see and read your body language.
  • Honesty is your best policy – If an unexpected question comes up and you can’t answer it, don’t pretend you know, and don’t lie. Just admit that you don’t know the answer and go on to explain how you could come up with or find a solution. This shows your resourcefulness.
  • Persistence Pays Off! – In combat, there’s an old saying: When a fox chases a rabbit, who will win? The rabbit! Since the rabbit runs for his life, while the fox only runs for his dinner.

This interesting quote has been attributed to many great commanders, from George Washington to George Patton. But this sentiment is not only true in military strategies, but it also applies to job hunting.

Should you scale down your expectations?

If you’re only chasing success in your own chosen field, then you could well have to run for your life. Especially in these difficult times, you sometimes have to scale down your expectations and swallow your pride.

You may have to take a job that’s perhaps not as desirable or fancy as the last position you had, but if you put this in a broader perspective, it may just be a stepping stone, just a small part in a far larger plan.

Every step you’ll make, every job offer you’ll accept, even if you do it just to pay your bills, is ultimately a necessary piece within that ultimate, bigger plan, and how can you expect excellence if you aim for mediocre? Now, this may be easy to say but far more difficult to do. Just keep in mind that, in the long run, every step counts.