Minimum Wage in Idaho – weekly, monthly, annually

In Idaho, the state’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, which is at the same level as the current federal minimum wage rate.

The minimum wage rate applies to the majority of Idaho employees with only some limited exceptions, such as tipped workers, some high school and college student workers, or some other exempt occupation.

Idaho’s minimum wage rate applies only to businesses that employ four or more workers, excluding family members.

Young employees under 18 years of age can be compensated as little as $4.25 an hour for their first 90 days on the job, and children under the age of 16 that have a part-time job are fully exempt from minimum pay requirements.

In Idaho, tipped employees can be paid $3.35/hour, but if their combined earnings (including tips) are below the $7.25 level, employers must compensate the workers for the difference.

In Idaho, further exemptions include seasonal camp employees, some farm workers, outside salespeople, and some administrative, executive, or professional staff.

All Idaho employers must clearly display state-designated minimum wage posters in prominent locations to inform their employees about the state’s minimum wage law and their rights under Idaho’s labor regulations.

Idaho Paycheck Calculator

This Idaho Paycheck Calculator lets you convert your hourly earnings to weekly, monthly, or annual wages.

How to use our Idaho paycheck calculator

  1. Start with entering your hourly pay.
  2. Then, enter how many hours you work per week.
  3. When you’ve done that, our paycheck calculator converts your hourly pay to weekly, monthly, or annual earnings.

How does the Idaho paycheck calculator work?

For the average employee, figuring out how their paychecks work is quite simple. Each month, or each week or biweekly, they will get their paychecks, and at year’s end, they will also get tax forms.

For this type of employee, those with regular jobs and periodical paychecks, understanding their salaries is a rather straightforward process. However, for employees who get paid by the hour, things may become a bit confusing and complicated.

That is why we created this paycheck calculator (or pay convertor), especially for employees that get paid by the hour. This paycheck calculator comes in very handy if you want to convert your hourly earnings to income per week, month, or year.

Time period Equation
Annual earnings = hourly wage times
40 hours times 52 weeks
Monthly earnings = annual wage divided by 12 months
Weekly earnings = hourly wage times 40 hours

These results are generated by multiplying your base hourly salary by the number of hours, weeks, or months you work yearly, assuming that you’re working 40 hours per week.

Minimum Wage in Idaho

So in Idaho, the minimum hourly wage is $7.25, just like the national minimum wage. This hourly rate translates to $58 per day, $290 per week (at 40 work hours), $1257 per month, and $15,080 per year.

Not every Idaho worker may receive the state’s minimum hourly rate of $7.25, though. The minimum wage rate doesn’t apply to some tipped workers, some high school and college students on part-time jobs, and more categories.

Minimum wage exemptions in Idaho

Idaho employers are not allowed to pay their employees under the state’s minimum rate ($7.25 per hour) unless the worker or the occupation is specifically exempt from Idaho’s minimum pay requirement by federal or state law.

  • Tipped workers in Idaho may be paid less than the state’s minimum wage, but they must make at least that minimum ($7.25), including gratuity, for every worked hour. If a worker doesn’t reach that level, the employer must compensate the worker for the difference.
  • Employees younger than 18 may receive as little as $4.25 an hour. This counts, however, only for the first 90 days on the job.
  • Full-time students that work part-time jobs may receive only 85% of Idaho’s minimum hourly wage (so $6.16 per hour) if the job is maximally 20 hours a week and at specific employers, such as at a college or university in a work-learn program.
  • In Idaho, some seasonal camp workers, farm workers, administrative, executive, or professional staff, and outside salespeople may also be exempt.

Idaho overtime wage

In Idaho, all employees working over 40 hours per week will receive overtime wages over those extra hours. The compensation for these overtime hours is at least 1.5 times Idaho’s regular minimum rate of $7.25, so at least $10.88. In Idaho, there’s no daily limit on the number of overtime hours.

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules ensure all Idaho employees that work more than 40 hours per week receive adequate overtime compensation. If an Idaho employer doesn’t pay overtime earnings in an adequate way, an overtime wage claim can be filed with Idaho’s Department of Labor.

What is work time?

The Working Time Regulations indicate that work time includes periods during which an employee works at the disposal of an employer to carry out activities or duties.

Additionally, work time includes periods during which employees receive relevant education and/or training. If traveling is part of the position, it counts as work time. It does not include commuting between work and home, but smaller breaks up to 20 minutes are considered work time.

Generally speaking, work time refers to all of the hours an employee is paid or is entitled to receive payment for carrying out tasks and duties controlled and/or initiated by an employer.

Please note that this post doesn’t contain legal advice. If you have any questions about Idaho’s minimum wage policies or minimum wage compliance, consult a tax professional or a tax attorney.