Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Many people are stressed out at their demanding jobs. Targets must be reached, and the pressure is on; constantly! So there are quite a few people that are looking for low-stress jobs that offer a rewarding career but without all the hustle and stress.

But what if you have a degree? Do you just want a simple job? Well, the fact of the matter is that there are quite a few low-stress jobs that even pay pretty well and that you can apply for without holding a college degree.

You may be required to get some hands-on training or follow an online course for certification, but the options are plenty. Most folks believe that in order to secure a good job, you are required to have a college degree. Sure, for many positions, this is correct, but there are still so many jobs available that don’t require a degree.

Of course, you’ll have to meet some basic requirements, such as commanding basic writing and reading, and often, you’ll have to agree to some on-site training course to acquire the proper skills needed to function effectively and efficiently on the job, but that’s just it in so many cases!

Finding a rewarding job without a college degree can be challenging. Usually, those jobs are stressful, difficult, and require lots of manpower which causes many people to rather take on some low-skilled job or pursue a college degree, after all.

What are low-stress jobs?

Usually, low-stress jobs provide employees with highly flexible work hours, which allows them to spend time on other interests as well outside of their workplace.

Low-stress employment without a college degree that still pays well is pretty difficult to find. However, read on to learn more about some options that might surprise you. There are actually pretty easy jobs that even pay well, and that without a degree!

You just don’t need to settle for some hard labor job simply because you don’t hold a degree. There are even some rather easy, low-stress jobs available that may pay up to $80k a year.

Not only do the jobs that we list in this post pay well, but they also come with rather comfortable work settings and flexibility. This makes that you still will have enough time to spend with your family or friends while still making a decent annual income.

So you see, even without a college degree, it is still possible to secure a position that pays well.

10 well-paying jobs with low stress

Let’s take a closer look at some low-stress jobs that don’t require a college degree but still pay pretty well.

Massage Therapist – After a working day full of stress, or when you just want to unwind or feel a bit better, the massage therapist is your go-to. Massage therapists are providing massage treatments to folks that want to get rid of physical discomfort or pain or who just want to relax.  If you ever visited a spa, you know how serene and relaxing the atmosphere is.

The job of a massage therapist is truly among the most low-stress jobs around, and the good thing is that your pay will be good, and you don’t need a degree. The average annual salary for massage therapists is around $75k, but highly experienced professionals will be able to make considerably more.

Travel Agent – Travel agents book travel for their clients, organize excursions, and provide information on specific activities and tourist sites in particular locations. People who like working with other people in a pretty relaxed environment may enjoy working as travel agents, although during the past years, there’s noticeable more stress gotten into the job. A college degree is not required to become a respected travel agent. A high school or GED diploma will do.

Travel agents usually sell tour packages to their clients. They will plan accommodations and transportation in accordance with their client’s wishes and requirements, such as travel dates and costs. This is one of the high-paying jobs without a degree or experience and among the fun jobs that actually pay pretty well without a degree. On average, travel agents make annual earnings of $46k.

Fine Artist – Working as a fine artist is among the most relaxing jobs that, if you are talented and have experience, can pay pretty well without a college degree. You are not required to enroll in an educational program as long as you have the necessary talent to excel in your preferred field. The longer and more you work in the field, the better you’ll be and the broader your experience and expertise will become.

As a fine artist, you will be creating your own original artwork either digitally or physically through sculpting or with brush and paint. This job is highly flexible since you have the option to work on your schedule and still earn (a lot of) money. The average earnings for fine artists are $63k per year.

Optician – Opticians are working with patients that need eyeglasses or contact lenses as diagnosed by an optometrist. Opticians design their patients’ eyeglasses, and their tasks include taking the necessary measurements and fitting and adapting lenses or frames in line with the patients’ optical prescriptions and specifications. Additionally, opticians keep records and repair clients’ lenses.

As an optician, you will likely work with an eye doctor, and before you can start working, you’ll have to complete an apprenticeship via a technical or vocational school. There’s no need to spend years earning a college degree, the job is relatively low-stress, and the pay is great. The average annual earnings for opticians is $41k.

Make-up Artist – The powerful implementation of social media, online platforms, and the internet, in general, has caused make-up artists to win big these days. The job of a make-up artist is quite enjoyable and not that hard to learn. You don’t require a college degree though well-rounded communication skills will definitely help you get ahead in this increasingly competitive field.

The job of a make-up artist is quite adaptable, and if you decide to go freelance, it might even be more so since you can provide in-house services that will bring you more money. On average, experienced make-up artists can rake in up to $99k annually.

Dental Hygienist – Working as a dental hygienist will give you a rewarding career with decent pay. As a dental hygienist, you’ll likely be working in a dental office while cleaning teeth and educating your patients about the most appropriate oral hygiene. There’s no need to earn a degree but attending a certificate course is what you’ll most likely need to do.

As a dental hygienist, you will get most of your experience on the job, your job prospects are extremely good as our population ages, and more care will be required. On average, dental hygienists bring home $77k per year.

Photographer – Photography really is a fun and low-stress job that should actually be at the top of this list. You require lots of affinities, but if you have the talent, the job is rather simple, and you don’t need to hold a college degree. Talented photographers have an eye for beauty in everything they see, and they capture these moments through relatively simple techniques.

Photographers don’t require any formal education, but they will need some time to build up their reputation and a strong portfolio. These professionals must have well-rounded communication skills and understand digital techniques. This truly is a fun job that pays well, and the good thing is, you don’t need a degree. The average annual earnings for photographers is around $50k, but there are more easy jobs that allow you to make $50k or more.

Hearing Aid Specialist – Hearing aid specialists examine their patients’ ears with a number of tests. They determine which sort of hearing aid is most appropriate for their clients on the test results. As difficult, complex, or complicated as the job may seem, it is actually quite simple, and you don’t have to hold a college degree to start a career in this field.

To become a hearing aid specialist, however, you must enroll in a community college and complete a 2-year associate degree that will allow you to work as a hearing aid specialist. This is a high-paying job that will bring an average annual salary of around $52k.

Computer Support Technician – Working as a computer support technician is a relatively low-stress job that pays well without a college degree. Computer support technicians may work in offices, call centers, or at homes, and they must troubleshoot and fix computer problems. Usually, there are some educational requirements, but that will depend on the type of job.

Usually, holding an associate degree from a community college or vocational-technical school will be sufficient to get started in this interesting field. If you like working with computers, the job of a computer support specialist will not put too much pressure on you, and if you want to go freelance, you can even work from the comfort of your home. This is a high-paying job that will let you earn, on average, some  $88k a year, and you may also want to check out this post on jobs in basic industries that pat pretty well.

Radiologic Technologist – Working as a radiologic technologist is really a low-stress job. It pays well, and there’s no need to enroll in a 4-year college to earn a degree. You can simply enroll in a 2-year associate program at a community college and learn all the necessary skills.

Radiologic technologists make sure their patients are positioned accurately and are responsible for producing high-quality diagnostic images. This is an interesting part of the medical field that you can enter without a degree but still have a rewarding career with decent pay. You’ll learn on the job, and the average annual earnings for radiologic technologists is around $62k.