Jobs That Pay 50k A Year

Securing a rewarding and well-paying job can be a daunting process. You may find yourself endlessly applying for any job opening, tweaking your cover letter and resume, just to try to find that perfect job for you.

And while professional fulfillment and job happiness are very important elements, how much you can make is often equally important.

To save you the stress and time of trawling through job openings and multiple application processes, we compiled this guide that helps you identify what kind of jobs allow you to make $50K a year easily, even if you don’t hold a college degree.

This page will guide you through your job-hunting process and lift all of your job-hunting headaches. You’ll see what kind of jobs (including part-time and online jobs) will enable you to take home at least 50K a year regardless of your education level.

What is a good annual income?

A good annual salary is usually determined by how far it can afford the quality of your life you desire. In the US, $50K per year is pretty much above the average annual earnings. In the US, the average employee makes around $11.32 an hour, which translates to an annual income of not even $25K.

For many people, making $25k a year is enough to get by, but bringing home $50K each year would definitely grant you a better and higher standard of living than most Americans. If you secure a job that will pay $50K a year, you could work toward financial security. Such an income would not only cover your living expenses but would also allow you some disposable income.

Why earning 50k per year is key

If you earn $50k each year, you can be sure you will exceed the minimally required income and living standards needed for a satisfactory life in a developed nation such as the United States.

Less than 50K income annually may not be sufficient to cover all your costs of living, including health insurance, rent or mortgage payments, homeowner’s insurance, and other monthly bills. All these recurring costs will add up rather quickly, so only if you bring home a decent income you’ll be able to cover all of them.

To a certain extent, money can buy happiness. Research has shown that families with an annual income in the $50K – $75K range will actually enjoy a much higher level of life satisfaction and emotional well-being. When you bring in $50K per year, you’ll be in excellent shape to live a healthy and happy life.

What kind of job pays 50k per year?

Well, the fact of the matter is that there are numerous jobs out there that will pay you $50K or more per year. This includes full-time jobs, physical jobs, freelance jobs, or work-from-home assignments, and the good thing is you can acquire most of these jobs with little or no experience.

It is key, of course, that you make sure your resume is in perfect order. There’s so much wrong with resumes these days; you’ll be astonished! So even if you don’t hold a four-year college degree, there’s no need to worry. Thanks to online courses, you’ll be able to acquire the skills needed for so many jobs.

There are many professional sectors that will enable you to earn a base salary of at least $50K, such as jobs in basic industries. The following kinds of jobs are perfectly suited for making that sort of income: proofreading jobs, translating jobs, skilled trades, online jobs, digital marketing jobs, or retail management jobs.

You may also piece together an annual income of $50K by working as a freelancer and going after gigs on online platforms for freelancing jobs.

What does it take to secure a 50K a year job?

To secure a job that will let you earn $50K or more per year, you’ll definitely need a strong work ethic and tenacity. Other requirements are often related to the specific job. For being a successful freelance writer, for example, counts that you will probably have to improve your writing skills and build up a strong portfolio of previous accomplishments.

There are, of course, jobs that require a completed college education. If you are looking to secure a position in adult education, for example, you will have to hold a degree and, in many cases, be certified as well.

But there are also jobs that merely require some on-the-job training provided by the company without any further qualifications. To help you with the job-hunting process, you can contact a recruiting agency or research one of the career fields below.

Jobs that pay 50K or more per year

As said before, there are so many well-paying jobs out there in a wide range of professional fields. Many of these jobs are available to you with only some employer-provided on-the-job training. Let’s take a closer look at 15 interesting jobs that will generate an annual income of around $50K or even more.

  • Property Appraiser and Assessor – Property appraisers, also referred to as real estate appraisers, provide objective estimates of the values of properties. Their reports help property owners or people looking to buy, sell, rent, or invest in real estate make the proper decisions. Appraisers can work with government agencies, financial institutions, private companies, or independent contractors. The average hourly salary of property appraisers and assessors is $28.20, translating to an average annual salary of $58,650.
  • Electrician – Electricians install, repair, and maintain systems for electrical power, such as lighting, wiring, or communication systems. Electricians usually hold certificates from community colleges or vocation schools, but the most experience is learned on the job. Electricians can work for larger companies or work independently without full-time contracts. Then, they usually work on-call. The average hourly pay of electricians is $27.36, translating to an average income a year of $56,900, and electricians are needed everywhere, from basic industries to small households!
  • Plumber – Plumbers install, repair, maintain, and test plumbing systems in all sorts of properties. Plumbers also work on household appliances, for example, cooling, heating, or sanitation systems. Many vocational schools and community colleges offer plumbing courses, and they should enroll in plumbing apprenticeships where they learn the trade on the job via practical, paid experiences. The hourly pay on average for plumbers is $27.08, which translates to an annual income of $56,330.
  • Firefighter EMT – Firefighter EMTs perform firefighting, rescue, and prevention duties. They work directly under the supervision of fire captains. Firefighter EMTs are also trained and equipped to administer medical treatment and first aid. They transport, if needed, patients to hospitals and operate fire-fighting vehicles and specialized equipment and apparatus. Before getting fully hired, Firefighter EMTs usually will have to complete rigorous training programs. The average hourly salary of pay on average for firefighter EMTs is $25.24, which translates to $52,500 annually.
  • Insurance Sales Agent – Also referred to as insurance agents, insurance sales agents are responsible for discovering opportunities to sell insurance plans, and they will have to interact with their clients. Insurance sales agents must sell insurance coverage and policies so that their employers, the insurance companies, will meet their planned targets. If you want to apply for a job as an insurance agent, you’ll need to obtain a state-issued insurance license. The mean hourly earnings for insurance sales agents is $25.08, and this translates to $52,180 a year.
  • Transcriptionist – Transcriptionists are professionals who produce written documents based on video or audio recordings of conversations, meetings, or classes. It is their duty to listen to recordings very carefully and transcribe audio or video to their client’s full satisfaction. Usually, this type of job is for freelancers, but there are also transcriptions that work on a full-time basis in courtrooms or as court reporters. The mean hourly salary for earnings for transcriptions is $28, which translates to $58,441 per year.
  • Graphic Designer – Usually, graphic designers cooperate with businesses and other clients to create interesting, beautiful, and eye-catching images and visuals, either with computer software or manually. The main goal of a graphic designer’s job is to inform and attract, captivate, and retain their client’s customers and to fulfill their client’s other wishes. There are quite a few graphic designers that taught themselves the required skills through creative software such as Adobe Photoshop. The average hourly salary for graphic designers is $25,66, which translates to a yearly income of $53,380.
  • Freelance Proofreader – It is a freelance proofreader’s task to read and edit pieces of text and correct any errors in those documents. They must make sure that documents are free of any grammatical and/or typographical errors. Freelance proofreaders will go through documents multiple times to ensure that no mistake was overlooked. They cannot miss anything! Once it is ready for publication, they will send the piece back to their client. To learn more about how to become a freelance proofreader, check online platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. On average, the hourly earnings of freelance proofreaders are $25, which translates to an annual income of $51,391.
  • Freelance Writer – Freelance writers are independent contractors that work with a number of companies on writing and editing projects. One of the main benefits of working as a freelance writer is that you can set your own rates and have the option to work for multiple companies simultaneously. Usually, freelance writers determine their own timelines, and if you are looking to become a writer, you can join freelance sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. The average hourly salary for freelance writers is $24,47, translating to an income of $50,891 annually.
  • Adult Education Teacher – Adult education teachers usually teach educational courses to adult learners in classroom settings. Adult education teachers are responsible for creating and implementing lesson plans after ample research and developing curricula. They need to teach and test their students and keep track of their progress. On average, the hourly earnings of adult education teachers are $26,61, which relates to an annual income of $55,350.
  • Social Media Manager – A social media manager is a public relations specialist that manages a company’s image on social media. They need to communicate to and with the general public to attract more customers and promote the company. Social media managers, just as digital marketers, will be creating relevant content while researching social media and analyzing data obtained through social media. They must promote company and customer engagement and be aware of customer interaction trends. By doing so, they can build strong online engagement for their companies. The average hourly salary for social media managers is $25,36, and this relates to $52,774 per year.
  • Interpreter – An interpreter serves as the communication medium between people who are speaking different languages, including sign language. These professionals provide written or oral translations from one language to another. Therefore, they need to be fluent in a number of languages. Interpreters usually work for federal or state government organizations, the healthcare industry, education, or private corporations that require the services of an interpreter. The average salary for interpreters is $25,16 an hour, which relates to $52,330 a year. Many people looking for a slow-paced job like this kind of work.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist – Digital marketing specialists, also referred to as digital marketers, work in the same realm as social media managers, but it is these specialists’ task to maintain, enhance, and promote the image of a brand or a corporation. Digital marketing specialists are required to research a brand’s image, strategize improvements, and create the content required to improve a brand’s profitability and/or performance. Ultimately, it is the goal of their services to draw in more and more customers for the clients. On average, the earnings of digital marketing specialists are $24,31 per hour, which relates to $50,556 per year.
  • Physical Therapist Assistant – A physical therapist assistant works under the supervision of a physical therapist. These professionals provide therapeutic treatments like massages and exercises to their patients. Usually, they are also responsible for taking down their patients’ records, tracking their progress, and reporting their findings to their boss, the physical therapist. This job doesn’t require a college degree, and the average hourly salary for physical therapist assistants is $24,02, which translates to $49,970 annually.
  • Hotel manager – Hotel managers oversee the day-to-day operations in hotels and are responsible for the company’s cleanliness, customer satisfaction, and profitability. It belongs to their tasks to promote a positive and stimulating environment for guests, monitor cash flow, maintain financial records, execute corporate events, and supervise front desk work, valet services, concierge services, and housekeeping activities. The hourly salary for hotel managers is, on average, $27,84 an hour, which translates to $57.900 a year.