Getting a Job

Find A Powerful Female Mentor!

According to a study from Catalyst, 65 percent of women who were mentored became mentors themselves. also claims that mentorship leads to higher college enrollment rates, improves interpersonal skills, and decreases the likelihood of using drugs and alcohol. But there are good reasons why you should find a powerful female mentor or encourage new … Read more

Salary Negotiation Strategies

For most students, and even for more experienced employees, salary negotiations can be quite a nuisance and a very emotional experience. Sure, you want the job, yet you would like better pay, or you just want to get paid what you think the position is worth, but you may be a little hesitant or not … Read more

Do Not Expect Excellence If You Aim For Mediocre

How we feel about the work we do or the ventures we’re involved in can have a tremendous impact on our happiness and the quality of our life. I write about this quite a bit simply because most of us spend about eight hours a day doing just that, working. The fact of the matter … Read more

Spiritual Wisdom And Career Change

Spirituality is about the alignment of the human will and mind. It is the life dimension and the universe that is one of harmony and order. It can play a central role in the area of self-help movements edging the participant toward self-awareness and success in their chosen endeavor. It can involve your psychic ability … Read more

10 Steps to Open Doors Successfully

If you’re finding frustration instead of job opportunities, it’s likely you’re not following a system that yields predictable results. Without a proven system, your fate can become a mystery, dependent solely on the economy and the mood of others. By implementing the following ten-step system, you will get in front of the right people and … Read more

Job Interview? Research The Company!

When researching a company, there are many ways in which you can garner all sorts of information. You can: 1) Read all local or national press releases about the company by checking out your local chamber of commerce or your local public library. 2) If you really see the need to, you can visit relevant … Read more

How To Make The Most Of Your Job Searching Activities

Being unemployed is a frightening experience, especially if this is your first time since entering the working world. Many people are finding themselves unemployed for extended periods of time, which can create financial hardship, stress, and relationship disaster. Learning how to make the most of your job searching activities might help shorten the time you … Read more

What’s Wrong With Resumes?

Resumes can place emphasis on the wrong data for screening. As such, candidate pools get reduced as they use inappropriate yet conveniently available data. This makes for an easy query but is not necessarily an effective approach to finding the best candidates. Resumes have made life difficult. Example: Company A. This company had historically received … Read more

Millennial Job Interview – How To Hire The Best Talent

Millennials are joining the job market and employers are looking forward to hiring new talent. It’s key for millennials to understand what’s expected of them, so this article is about the Millennial Job Interview-How to hire the best talent. Employers want to benefit from the fact that this is the first generation that is digitally … Read more

The Job Application

No matter if you have just earned your high school or GED diploma, completed college, started out on your career, or plan to start an internship, it is necessary that you make your interview preparations. An expert at job search and preparation for interviews, a professor at the Illinois Computer Systems Institute shares some hints … Read more

Make Your Resume Professional

The resume is usually your initial introduction to a prospective employer. There are numerous styles and formats to choose from when deciding how to best present yourself. Many people wonder if there is a significant difference from one style to another in terms of how they will be perceived by the employer. They also frequently … Read more

The Best Ways To Prepare For Job hunting

Job hunting is not so easy in the present economic scenario. You could search for a job in any place, but the fact is that the job you want has become more difficult to secure, and you, the job hunter, need to stand out above the rest. If you want to land the job that … Read more

Is Self-Employment Right For You?

As the world around us has changed so immensely over the past months, many of us got impacted. Let’s listen to Lisa’s story and how she’s dealing with the situation. Many of you who feel the burden this horrific time puts upon us think about starting your own business. The following video explains a lot: … Read more

What’s Holding You Back, Fear Of Failure Or Fear Of Success?

Are you frustrated at your lack of productivity? Do you feel like you are not able to accomplish your goals because you fear failure? Ask yourselves this: Is it really fear of failure or fear of success? Perhaps you’re suffering from some sort of fear of failure. But could it perhaps be the fear of … Read more

Salary Negotiations For Women – What To Focus On

Do you want to find a new or better job? Get a better-paying job? Salary negotiations are often still rather difficult for many women. So here’s a little help. Even today, though women have been making great strides towards equality in the world’s workplaces, most women are still making less money on average for exactly … Read more

Choosing A Career Path

When you are young and just starting out, sometimes it can be a bit challenging (or overwhelming) to decide which career path to focus on. Choosing a career path can make a big impact on what type of job you might be able to find and qualify for right out of college. With that in … Read more

What Is Your PSI (Positive Self Image)?

Everyone needs a PSI. The question is, why and how good is yours? PSI will directly impact your career, your finances, and your future. Believe me; it works like magic; I have seen people full of NSI (negative self-image) in high school, and it was sad to see how they get demotivated and dropped out … Read more

How To Apply To A Job – Write An Email That Actually Gets A Response

I am one of those people who thinks jobs are irrelevant to making money, despite having a full-time job. I also believe in financial diversification, multiple streams of revenue, freelancing, and self-employment. I’ve had staff jobs, long-term freelance jobs, sold e-books, got paid to participate in focus groups, transcribed amateur wrestling interviews, held temp jobs, … Read more

Ask For An Internship-It Worked For Me

Finding a job might be a daunting task. So many got laid off, and there are hardly any new positions available. Maybe it’s time to apply some different techniques. Listen to Ruby’s story and how she managed to change her life. Here we go: “So, I’m like any normal 20-something who spent their days waiting … Read more

Still Looking For A Job? It May Be Time To Refocus

Q. I‘ve been out of work for some time and I’ve been looking to get a job for several months. I feel discouraged. How can I best re-energize my search and myself? A. When you’re starting out job hunting, it’s pretty easy to feel excited and hopeful. But after a few months without any offers, … Read more

Should You Apply For Jobs That You Are Not Qualified For?

So you got laid off and you are hunting for a new job or perhaps a new career? Well, if you are, chances are you come across job listings that you’re qualified for but also lobs that you’re not necessarily qualified for. Then, often the question comes up if you should bother to apply for … Read more

Job Hunting: Should You Lower Your Expectations?

Are you in need of a job? Has the recent dramatic development in the job market hit you so hard? Are you currently unemployed, or are you desperate for a job as you had to close your business? You may wonder if you perhaps should lower your expectations a bit. Maybe that helps to make … Read more

Preparing For The Job Interview

When you’ve made it through the ranks and get invited for a job interview, there are some things you should absolutely keep in mind. Research the prospective employer well and get optimally prepared. When preparing for the job interview, make sure your interview will be effective. There are so many mistakes that applicants make, often … Read more

The Job Search Has Changed

Recessions change the way we spend money. They change the way we invest in stocks and the way we save for retirement. They also change how companies recruit employees. No more courting prospective employees. Hiring business managers with generous starting bonuses is a thing of the past, and gone are also the days that job … Read more

Practical Tips For Finding A Job

Today, with competition hot for fewer and fewer open positions, the pressure is on, and job seekers with flawless interview skills will definitely have the upper hand. There is heightened competition for the available open positions in today’s troubled economy. So it is important for job applicants to put their best foot forward in a … Read more

What To Do Before You Start Job Hunting

If you’re unemployed, or if you want to change your professional environment, chances are that you’ll be looking for a job. Even people who are not unemployed may still be looking for a new or better job. Everybody would like to have a job that gives pleasure, a job that pays well, a job that … Read more