Financial Tips

Gamestonk – Can you still make money with it?

The expression “GameStonk” refers to the bizarre phenomenon that happened early this year as online Reddit investors (r/wallstreetbets-WSB) beat Wall Street’s hedge funds and institutional investors by forcing them to buy GameStop shared to mitigate their losses. The term “Stonks” is commonly used jargon on social media platforms for widely-held stocks and shares. While Wall … Read more

IDA account

Just imagine you have a savings account in which for every dollar you put in, you will be matched with one more dollar. You would actually receive totally free money, and who wouldn’t jump at such an opportunity? Well, you could get into such a position via a so-called ‘Individual Development Account,’ or IDA, program. … Read more

How To Achieve Financial Success

Making money is everyone’s destiny. There are no limits to making the money you desire! Achieving Financial Success is your destiny! We strongly believe that each and every person is born for a specific purpose. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross said, “We are in no way powerless dust specks that drift in the wind, blown around by some … Read more

Which Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your 401k Plan

Your financial future depends upon making solid decisions when it comes to your savings and your retirement strategies. However, most folks tend to make some common errors in this regard. These mistakes are easily overlooked but can cost you a great deal in terms of loss of investment growth and or a loss of time. … Read more

Why Financial Literacy is Important

Understanding financial terms is not just a requirement for business professionals. It has an important practical use for regular individuals. The tough economic climate has made loans and debts regular terms for consumers, and it is advantageous to understand what they mean and their implications so that you can make an informed decision before you … Read more

Why be an angel investor?

Why become an angel? Angels often enjoy serving as advisers or even helping build companies as directors. The main draw, though, is the fact that seed investing – in which a company raises $500,000 to $2 million – is simply the most lucrative type of private investing. Seed-stage returns for the first six months of … Read more

Deep Value Investing – the biggest value…

Let’s have some talk about Deep Value Investing – the biggest value…  By far, the biggest value that “value” investing has is that its principles can be applied – successfully – to a broad range of asset classes. It’s a mental and emotional framework that provides a recipe for success. To some, this may be a “duh” … Read more

Stock Market Experience

For about 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of working in the financial services industry, with 5 of them being on the retail brokerage side, my stock market experience, so to say. I wish I had a dollar for every time investors told me who they “listened to.” Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong … Read more

Don’t Invest in Things You Don’t Understand

“Don’t put money in any investment product you can’t explain to a seventh grader! Never put money in anything you don’t understand!” Dave Ramsey practically screams this advice on the latest version of the Financial Peace University lesson on investing. There is no uncertainty in his words or his voice. Critics of Dave Ramsey, and … Read more