Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills- The Difference

Usually, job seekers aren’t giving that much thought to what the difference is between hard skills and soft skills. But hiring managers and employers think about that continually!

Hard skills comprise, for example, mathematics, statistics, data analysis, or project management. Hard skills are also including computer skills like Excel, Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint; foreign languages; software development; accounting, and bookkeeping, just to list mention a few.

So we can say that hard skills are all about knowing in what way we do certain things and to what extent people are experienced in doing that. It’s not that difficult to see or determine if a job applicant has these hard skills.

The problem with hard skills lies in the fact that with the introduction and application of new technologies, these hard skills are based on old technology and will be obsolete. Everybody who’s been active in our workforce for over a decade has witnessed that firsthand.

Herein lies the reason that soft skills are relevant and so important.

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