What Jobs Pay $100 An Hour?

Many people are interested in finding a job that pays more. Well, the fact of the matter is that it might be quite challenging to come by a job that pays $100 per hour or more. In the US, the median hourly wage is around $16.50 per hour, so you’ll understand that getting a job … Read more

Slow-Paced Jobs

Many people are stressed out at their jobs. For them, it could be high time to change their profession and find something that’s better for their health. Well, the fact of the matter is that when you love the work you do, chances are it won’t feel like work at all to you! The trick … Read more

Jobs That Pay 50k A Year

Securing a rewarding and well-paying job can be a daunting process. You may find yourself endlessly applying for any job opening, tweaking your cover letter and resume, just to try to find that perfect job for you. And while professional fulfillment and job happiness are very important elements, how much you can make is often … Read more

$100k A Year Is How Much An Hour?

Many people dream of securing a job that lets you earn an annual salary that hits that 6-figure salary mark. It can be challenging, however, to calculate how many hours you would have to work hard to reach that salary and what sort of lifestyle it could give you. So an important question is if … Read more

Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without A Degree

Many people are stressed out at their demanding jobs. Targets must be reached, and the pressure is on; constantly! So there are quite a few people that are looking for low-stress jobs that offer a rewarding career but without all the hustle and stress. But what if you have a degree? Do you just want … Read more

$60,000 a year is how much an hour?

In the examples we use on this website, we assume that you’ll be working 40 hours per week and for 52 weeks. That means you’re working for 2,080 hours a year. So if you want to learn how much $60k a year translates to year earnings per hour, the only thing you have to do … Read more

$1000 a week is how much a year?

If you’re making $1,000 a week, your annual earnings would be $52k. There are 52 weeks in a year, so this calculation is quite simple: you multiply 1000 by 52, resulting in $52k. On this website, we assume that you’re working 40 hours a week and 52 weeks a year. If you’re not taking any … Read more

Gamestonk – Can you still make money with it?

The expression “GameStonk” refers to the bizarre phenomenon that happened early this year as online Reddit investors (r/wallstreetbets-WSB) beat Wall Street’s hedge funds and institutional investors by forcing them to buy GameStop shared to mitigate their losses. The term “Stonks” is commonly used jargon on social media platforms for widely-held stocks and shares. While Wall … Read more

IDA account

Just imagine you have a savings account in which for every dollar you put in, you will be matched with one more dollar. You would actually receive totally free money, and who wouldn’t jump at such an opportunity? Well, you could get into such a position via a so-called ‘Individual Development Account,’ or IDA, program. … Read more

Which Common Mistakes To Avoid With Your 401k Plan

Your financial future depends upon making solid decisions when it comes to your savings and your retirement strategies. However, most folks tend to make some common errors in this regard. These mistakes are easily overlooked but can cost you a great deal in terms of loss of investment growth and or a loss of time. … Read more