Salary Negotiation Strategies

For most students, and even for more experienced employees, salary negotiations can be quite a nuisance and a very emotional experience.

Sure, you want the job, yet you would like better pay, or you just want to get paid what you think the position is worth, but you may be a little hesitant or not assertive enough.

And what’s more, how would you negotiate higher compensation or better bonuses or fringe benefits if you just graduated and have virtually no experience on this matter?

Well, the proper answer is that, although you won’t at all times get what you wanted, it is crucial that you understand the process of negotiating, feel how it goes, and begin to start getting yourself into that more assertive role.

Read on to get the feeling of being in control, and you may end up getting better perks and get a better salary deal in the process.

Understand the process

Let’s first take a look at the definition of negotiation. Well, simply put, it is the process of discussing a subject in a meeting with another person with the objective of reaching an agreement. The game (or art) of negotiation is founded on the idea of mutual agreement on specific issues, not on confrontation.

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